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There have emerged many heretic sects since the advent of Islām, and as heretical ideologies become more common and prevalent now, the importance of protecting one’s faith is greater than ever. In this era of tribulation and adversity, Muslims are warned about the dangers of associating with heretics, yet some opt to act contrary to that which is best for them and
their faith. Laxity and leniency in this matter can only lead to deviation, and as such, it is a religious obligation upon Muslims to shun heretics in order to protect their faith in such dangerous times.

Lest They Misguide You is a translation of the Urdu work Bad-Madhhabo sey Rishtey by Faqīh al-Millah Mufti Jalāl al-Dīn Aḥmad al-Amjadī, which simply and coherently explains the prohibition of fraternising with heretics, and also details the prohibition and grave consequences of marrying into them.

 Stay away from them and keep them away from yourselves, lest they misguide you, lest they throw you in fitnah.

[Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim; Abū Dawūd; Ibn Mājah; ʿAqīl; Ibn Ḥibbān]